Strategic partnerships

The Edge team is hungry for ways to do everything better, and strategic partnerships are no exception - they’re an example of us thinking differently. We get that these kinds of partnership aren’t for every business, which is exactly what makes them even more special. Even more powerful.

Ever hear the expression ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’?

Well, that’s the ethos behind strategic partnerships. We’ll introduce two (or more!) brands to one another where there are aligned interests and the possibility of a mutually beneficial collaboration. Let’s look at how it works.

Say Brand X is expert at teaching small businesses about how to be adept at managing their finances. And Brand Y is expert at teaching small businesses about first-class distribution.

Both Brands have aligned interests in engaging the small business market. So we strategically partner Brand X and Brand Y together, which the small business guys love. Why? Because they get a bunch of valuable and varied information they need to know about, all in one go. In this instance, Brands X and Y are stronger when brought together.

But a strategic partnership offers even more benefits than powerfully and uniquely engaging your target audience. There’s the beauty of sharing costs. There’s the potential of sharing databases. There are many advantages to be had when brands develop a deeper relationship with one another and unite forces.

We’re no experts in love, but our media marketing team know exactly how to make effective strategic partnerships thrive.

Like us to help hook you up? Time to let Edge play matchmaker.