At Edge, we love to create relationships that matter. While we’re not claiming to be saints (we know we’re a bit too cheeky for that), we strive to create powerful relationships between a brand and its audience that extend well beyond the traditional realms of advertising. We know how to get brands engaging with an audience in a more integrated way.

The members of our media sales team take this approach when they're looking at sponsorship of your content. They don’t just let anyone come on board and leverage your content. We can’t say it enough – it’s got to be the right fit.

So, how exactly do you sponsor content?

Let’s say our client’s content will focus on a certain theme for a month. When that theme is highly relevant to a certain product, we’ll seek out that product or brand and invite it to sponsor that monthly theme or initiative. We identify and target only the very best connections between brands and audiences so it’s practically a match made in heaven.

Of course, sponsorships don’t just start and end there.

Edge deals with content creation across a full spectrum of platforms, like ambient, digital and print. From native advertising, to competitions, to exclusive offers, there’s a ton of unique sponsorships we can create. Whether it's a package geared towards sponsoring a brand, an event, or a building, there’s no limit to what we can do.

So let’s get limitless.

For the lowdown on the best sponsorship opportunities get in touch with our down-to-earth, super-smart media sales team.