At Edge, we know that creating content for social channels is all about publishing stuff your audience will absolutely love - whether that be a hilarious Facebook meme, evocative snaps on Instagram, a sassy, thought-provoking article for LinkedIn, or anything in between. 

Authority to publish
The goal is to create content that audiences actively seek out, as opposed to content that interrupts - which means making sure that the content is entertaining, informative or useful. But it’s equally important that the content isn’t a million miles away from what you do as an organisation  - which is why we never create social content in isolation from an overall brand or digital strategy. Going through the full Edge process of identifying your central brand story and platform, then building out a content strategy on top ensures that we identify subject areas that you can talk about with authority, without coming across as fake or try-hard.

Identifying the right channels
How do we know what social channels your brand needs to use? Well, as part of our brand story and platform process, we spent time identifying your audience, and this enables us to work out where they’re hanging out in terms of social. Got a big teen audience? It’s likely we’ll need to think about Tumblr and Snapchat, rather than the usual suspects (yes, we’re looking at you, Facebook).

We also factor in brand experience - thinking about the unique content or narrative opportunities that are offered by specific social channels, to best tell your brand story and allow your brand to connect with and engage your audience.

Producing social content also means we have to be 100 per cent agile. We’ve created real-time ‘social newsrooms’ for a number of our clients, meaning that we can use trending topics and search analysis to help us get more relevant, developing an idea to capitalise on that day’s trends first thing in the morning, talking our client through it before lunch, and creating the content so it’s all ready to publish that afternoon. But that’s how we roll. Flexible, hardworking, timely, relevant.

Obviously, we strive to create content your audience will love so much they’ll feel compelled to tell all their friends and colleagues about it, too. We call this ‘earned amplification’ and it’s something we’re pretty good at, if we say so ourselves. Having said all that, with certain social media (yes, Facebook, you again) changing their algorithms left right and centre, generating earned media is harder and harder. 

Boosting your content
That’s where paid amplification comes in. Edge’s social team is ideally placed to own paid social, because we’re continually creating and monitoring the performance of great content. That means we know when a piece of content is gaining great traction and can boost the hell out of it whilst its hot.  

The tale of the tape
We measure and analyse the effectiveness of all our clients’ social activity against the initial benchmarks and KPIs set, then use those results and insights to inform and optimise all future content. It’s our way of ensuring that your social content just keeps getting better, and better, and better.

And that is a very good thing indeed.

If you’d like to talk to us about using content to OWN social, give us a shout!