Planning and insights

Planning is at the heart of everything we do. Our planners work as part of creative teams, rather than in isolation - meaning that there is a constant interplay between strategy and creative, right up to the point where we hit on the perfect idea.

Strategy is all about real people, real behaviours, and how we can seek to work with that behaviour and spark some kind of action with great ideas. That’s why our planning team seek to inform the creative output so that it has a much deeper role in the lives of our audience - rather than just creating a great poster or TVC or magazine ad.

Part of this is about understanding not just the deep underlying motivations of consumers and audiences - through things like behavioural economics and evolutionary psychology - but tracking real-world data in real-time to understand what people are interested in in any given moment. We do this by monitoring a number of sources for trending topics and trending searches in real time, as well as looking at real-time website analytics. 

Ultimately, we want our audience to seek out our work because it interests them and is relevant to them - rather than avoid it because it’s interrupting them and getting in the way of what they’re interested in.