Ongoing content optimisation

The ability to measure and refine is one of our greatest strengths here at Edge. We measure your content to see exactly how it's performing. And we're constantly refining our processes, making adjustments here and there to ensure it's working as well as it should. It's all part of an optimisation process designed to make your content perform like a well-oiled machine.

We know if we’re tracking to conquer your KPIs because, every month, our planning team assess all the data we collate. We analyse each piece of content to determine what has performed brilliantly and what has performed less than brilliantly. We look for insights as to why content excelled or fell short, and build these insights into future optimised content. We revise our content planning, push that content out, then again check our measuring tools for feedback. Then we repeat.

To work out what is working, we look at content formats (i.e. long-form content, images, lists, quizzes, infographics), content topics (which pillar or sub-theme is attracting the most engagement), time and day of posts (does this impact on reach and engagement) and context (are people using mobile, tablet or desktop devices to consume content). We hypothesise, we test, and we learn: continuously. 

From that point, all future content is even more likely to resonate with your audience, and even more likely to perform against our KPIs.

To fuel our insights and ensure we’re totally on the mark when it comes to measuring performance, we use a bunch of different tools. Here’s what’s inside our data and insights toolbox:

  • Website analytics
  • Trending topics tools
  • Social analytics
  • CRM
  • Influencer tracking
  • Social listening
  • EDM analytics
  • Quantative and qualitative research.

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