Earned amplification

When your content is timely, relevant, valuable and just downright awesome, people have a burning desire to tell everyone else about it. We all love to be the one who has passed on some helpful, inspiring or creative piece of content gold to our friends, families and colleagues.

So, creating brilliant content that matters to people earns you more than just a gold star. It earns you the most valuable thing of all – people's attention and appreciation, which, in turn, leads to brand loyalty and ultimately, sales conversions.

These beautiful rewards are what your brand can reap when you invest the time to create remarkable content that:

  • Understands the deepest needs of your audience - both rational and emotional
  • Provides your audience with solutions to their deepest needs

Whether there is a need for information, inspiration (or any emotional state), entertainment, or something that helps to just make life a bit easier, your content can deliver this for your audience. And when it does, you’ll know you’ve struck content gold by the way of likes, comments, shares, retweets and natural promotion of your content.

This sincere tendency for others to spread the word about your remarkable content is just one of the ways you can earn amplification.

But it’s not JUST about understanding your customer needs. It’s also about understanding what types of content are more likely to be shared in any given channel or environment. Edge’s process of ongoing content optimisation ensures that we understand exactly what sort of content is resonating with your audience in each channel - so that we can optimise content for earned amplification.

Another way to achieve earned amplification is through PR – it's a classic means of drawing attention to your content. There's also blogger engagement. Lesser known than the PR route, blogger engagement is when you directly target bloggers to talk about your content. And when your content is amazing – ie, timely, relevant, useful, fun, or it addresses whatever the needs of the audience are – bloggers will be delighted to share your stuff.

Ready to take your content to a whole new level of awesomeness?

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