The Edge digital team is made up of senior designers, developers and user experience professionals who are unashamedly addicted to finding the very best digital solutions for your brand.

Nowadays, mobile is overtaking desktop as the device of choice for browsing the internet - and so all our sites are responsive as a minimum, and often created with a mobile-first philosophy where that aligns with the brief. We’re also pretty well versed in creating awesome apps that will integrate with third party hardware like fitness, iBeacon and medical health trackers.

User experience
As any tech head worth their code will tell you, getting the user experience right is utterly vital. That's why we relentlessly pursue the very best practices when it comes to UX and platform solutions. Extensive (interactive) wire framing - breathing life into the vision before we even think about visuals, site mapping and user testing are all in the mix to make sure that your digital solution has the user at its heart.

To ensure we nail the UX every time, Edge adopts a highly collaborative approach that combines key representatives from our creative, technical, and production teams. Every player knows the role they need to play to help deliver the best UX possible. 

Interactive design
Once the UX is rock solid, the interactive design (ie, all the really cool bells and whistles) is added. Our design team weave their magic, elevating the vision to the next level, before handing it over to our developers for the build.

While the Edge team comprises true believers, we are all platform agnostic when it comes to website builds. Simply put, we adapt our process to any platform, be it .net solutions, javascript solutions, or phps. We deliberately maintain this flexible approach rather than using our own proprietary CMS, because we know that your business probably has an enterprise platform that your IT team insist you use - and we want to make sure we can work with that platform. To do this we have a whole bunch of trusted partners that we use for the build part of our projects - all overseen by our awesome digital production team.

Obviously, unlike many agencies, content is not an area where our digital team fall down. Generally we’ve been through a pretty robust content strategy process before we even think about developing a digital solution - so we’re ready to go once the site is built. Our editorial team fills the site with first-class, richly relevant content, including SEO-intelligent headlines and copy and inspiring video content.

Our obsession with digital ensures the tightest security process possible, coupled with our need to improve constantly, whether it’s regularly updating APIs or optimising content. As always, Edge delivers the best-possible solutions within our clients’ budgets.

Ready for exceptional digital that brings people closer to your brand?

We are. Let’s do it.