Content strategy and planning

Guess what? Only 52% of Australian marketers have a documented content strategy. We can help with that.

We’ll put together a strategic plan for your business that takes our Brand Story and Platform as a foundation, and delivers an operational blueprint to take the project forward - whether you choose to execute with Edge, in-house or with a third party.

The process is pretty flexible, and will work whether you’re looking for a multi-channel content marketing solution, a social content plan, or a specific print publishing project. 

As part of the process, we’ll cover off the following:

What’s the overarching creative territory?
Here we’ll take the Brand Story and Platform as a base and develop a creative territory that can hold the entire content marketing approach.

Channel and platform planning
Here we’ll look at the channels and platforms you should be using, and make recommendations as to what is most appropriate for your consumer. We know this because of the extensive audience research we conducted as part of the Brand Story and Platform exercise. We’ll also look at content weighting per channel, to ensure we get the right balance for optimum effectiveness and impact.

Content framework
This is where we get into the nitty-gritty, the detail of your content plan. We’ll develop content pillars and themes, we’ll establish which voices we want to surface - should we be using expert journalists, internal experts, or surfacing the voice of the consumer - and we’ll map content against your customer lifecycle to ensure we’re talking to audience needs at every stage, effectively moving them through the lifecycle funnel and deepening their relationship with your brand. We’ll also look at (where appropriate) where we can source content from - including commissioning expert and blogger content, licensing content and looking at opportunities to leverage suppliers for content.

Distribution and amplification 
At this stage we examine the available distribution and amplification channels - including CRM-driven EDM and postal distribution, and both organic and paid amplification options. We make recommendations as to the most appropriate channels to use.

Measurement, evaluation and optimisation plan
Effectiveness of content is a hot potato in the marketing industry, with ROI notoriously difficult to attribute. That’s why a key part of any content strategy is to set up a measurement and evaluation plan so that we can understand what success looks like. At this stage we would also outline a content optimisation process to follow as the project goes live.

Monetisation: commercial strategy and business model
The great thing about creating your own media though content development, is that the cost of maintaining that media can be off-set with effective monetisation. Where appropriate, we will examine the commercial opportunities for monetisation - this may include supplier funding models or third-party brand advertising; and print display advertising through to native executions - and look at a detailed business model that factors in the cost of production, the revenue opportunities from monetisation, as well as the ROI from behavioural change.

Resources: roles, responsibilities and budget
To ensure that your content strategy is fully operational, we outline the resources and budgets necessary to take the project forward - including both agency and client-side people resources, software and systems investments and production budgets.

What’s next?
Once we create your content marketing strategy, we can simply hand it over to you. You can take it and implement it internally, or implement it with a mixture of agencies. Or you can simply let experts be experts, hand that game plan back to us, and rest assured that we’ll win the content game for you.

However you want to roll. 

If you’re interested in developing a content marketing plan for your business, get in touch!