Brand story and platform

Every brand has a story. But most brands don’t connect with that story and use it effectively. That’s where we come in.

Stories work. We remember them in a way that we don’t remember charts, facts and figures. We’re programmed that way: it’s how we handed down knowledge before the written word. Edge's brand storytelling approach is about harnessing the power of stories to forge identity and purpose for brands - and ultimately change the behaviour of customers.

So how do we do it? Well, it’s a little bit science and a little bit art.

First, the science bit. We do a deep dive into your business. We ask you to give us access to all the brand, audience, and competitive landscape work you’ve done to date. We sift through all of this research and analysis, always viewing it through a content lens.

We then create a bespoke workshop that we run with the client, combining a mix of traditional branding techniques with a narrative approach. We develop audience profiles and look at brand values, mission and vision. We explore brand archetypes and metaphors. We look at the market you operate in, what’s important to you and the differentiation point around your brand. But we do all of this with a view to developing content, rather than with a view to developing a logo, a billboard or a TVC.

We distil all those exercises into one central essence of the brand – this is where the art comes in – which we call the central brand story. From that point on, and with every creative idea and piece of content created, we should be able to see a direct lineage back to the central brand story. Is it obvious? Does it fit? Is it easily understood? It’s important stuff.

Curious to know what your brand story and platform is? We understand. It’s cool stuff. And by cool, we mean life changing. It’s like Chuck Norris. But better.  

Give us a call to find your story.