Ad sales

In addition to our content creation prowess, Edge has a dedicated team of ad sales managers who love to leverage your content to offset the costs of your content marketing efforts.

It’s no secret that achieving an ROI on content marketing can be a real challenge for some. But because Edge are true experts at all aspects of content marketing, we know how to help you commercialise your branded content and achieve that ROI balance.

With a proven track record in generating millions of dollars a year in advertising revenue on behalf of our clients, we aren’t just a ridiculously good-looking bunch that create killer content. We’re a ridiculously good-looking bunch who create killer content and bring in millions of dollars a year in advertising revenue.

The Edge media sales team has built itself a solid reputation (backed up by our record) in taking existing revenue and putting a creative spin on it to generate incremental revenue streams for our clients.

One of the ways we go about achieving this is through ad sales.

We maximise revenue through our ad sales by finding like-minded brands who want to piggyback on your quality content to access the audience you’ve built. And because we’ve created that content we know the needs of the audience, including who they want to hear from. Believe us, there is no way we would blemish content with any undesirable advertising tarnishing the experience. It’s imperative that your content and ad sales work together harmoniously.

We understand the intricacies of selling on behalf of another brand and work seamlessly with our content creators and editors to ensure we get the right fit. It’s a beautiful win-win for all. Including your bottom line.

Needing a hand with your bottom line? Edge to the rescue.