your shark tank

Alongside the broadcast of Shark Tank on channel 10, Optus presents Your Shark Tank where you can win up to $10,000 and mentoring from one of Optus’ senior executives.

The brief to Edge for Your Shark Tank was to position Optus as an innovation leader, as a ‘wingman’ for innovators and a supporter of Australian forward thinking. The key challenge being to engage and connect with gen Yers and millennials who would be aware of Shark Tank or the concepts of innovation/pitching but who do not actively watch TV.

The Edge team watches Shark Tank every week before it goes to air to glean the key moments of the show and how they can be tied back to Optus through social media. Edge chooses content that is relevant to Optus and the audience and creates a relationship between the two worlds by marrying the products with the world of Optus.

The main channel that Edge uses for planned real time is Twitter; every other week, Edge also posts to Facebook and occasionally to Vine. The content is generally statics, comp and shot images, and some videos. There is long-form content on the Optus blog (traffic driven from social channels). Edge keeps the content engaging and a bit cheeky in tone; it also gamifies some content (eg, chocolate hack linked to the person who pitched a chocolate business). 

Overall it’s really interesting to see how good the engagement can be on Twitter and Facebook for the more creative pieces that we’ve come up with. It’s great to be able to reach a new audience that wouldn’t otherwise get involved with the program.