Will Banksy return to Melbourne?

Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle recently extended his invitation to graffiti artist Banksy to visit Melbourne again. Doyle even went as far as saying that Melbourne City Council would commission him to do a work of art on one of the walls of the city.

Doyle initially invited Banksy back to the city in 2010 after one of his pieces of street art in the CBD was painted over by overzealous council workers. Word has it no known Banksy artworks are left on Melbourne’s walls after vandals destroyed two pieces in Fitzroy in 2011.

Will Banksy return to Melbourne?

Maybe Banksy can come and visit THAT blue alleyway, Rutledge Lane, just off Hosier Lane. Graffiti artist Adrian Doyle, with backing from the council, decided to spray the entire laneway baby blue, including the floors, walls and garbage bins. It was done to encourage new street artists to get creative and ‘raise the bar’. Obviously not without backlash from rival graffiti artists, whose works Adrian had painted over. The before:

The before - Will Banksy return to Melbourne?

And the after:

The after - Will Banksy return to Melbourne?

Whatever happens, if Banksy hits Melbourne soil, I’ll be keeping an eye out for his $60 canvas stall. He had one in New York recently and only sold $420 worth in one day. Rumour has it those $60 original signed canvasses are now worth $32,000 each. I might invest.