What's next for digital PR?

Edge recently added digital PR to its capabilities and asked its team of strategists what they thought would be next for digital marketing in 2015.

The overwhelming response was the emergence of brands ceasing to treat digital marketing as a tactical execution and instead embracing it as an ecosystem, in many instances leading the charge away from TVC and advertising to a holistic approach to their marketing.

A better understanding of a brand’s ecosystem will facilitate the singular goal of attracting, engaging and retaining new and existing customers by providing information and content that gives them everything they need to locate, purchase and use the brand’s products and services.

Richard Parker, managing partner at Edge, recently spoke to SmartCompany about this evolution:

“Content marketing is going to be about aggregating data about consumers that’s been collated from social media, customer data and mobile geolocation data to give a more rounded picture of a consumer. For example, we’ll know if someone is pregnant and on holiday on the Sunshine Coast, so we’ll be able to serve them content that is of interest to them. We’re currently investing in data science experts to mesh those databases together to develop a new product for the company.”

The days of preaching to customers, rather than exciting and informing them, are rapidly coming to an end, so marketers that can effectively connect with prospects will win.