This is a post by Matilda Duffecy

Racing season is upon us, which means a year has past since we worked with Snapchat to create the AAMI filter for Derby Day 2016 – the first Australian Financial services brand on Snapchat. That day 3.4m Snappers put the AAMI Lens on and we reached 76% of Snapchatters.

What better time to reconnect with this channel to get a sense of what’s trending and what’s possible from a content creation perspective? We asked Snapchat for 3 of their favourite brand collaborations in the last 12 months (aside from ours, of course!).

1. The Bacardi x Snapchat x Major Lazer music video

Snapchat has always existed to put the user at the heart of the show, and the latest release in collaboration with Bacardi delivers, and then some. For the first time ever, Snapchat created a two-pronged lens that incorporated some seriously punchy graphics and a booty-shaking track courtesy of Major Lazer to let users star in their own music video. The piece of content represents months of development and a mammoth effort from all involved, but the fruits of this labour are bound to be bountiful. The lens is a masterclass into the wide world of possibilities for brands to push the envelope in this space. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of this piece. 

2. Serena Williams’ Match Point with Gatorade

Take one of the greatest athletes of all time and the gamification trend and you have a match made in heaven…literally. Last year, Gatorade collabed with Snapchat to bring the awe-inspiring career of Serena Williams to life with a super-addictive 8-bit-style game re-creating each of Serena’s 22(!) grand slam wins. ‘Match Point’ hooked users via its fun graphic and simple functionality and pulled astounding results:

  • 3+ minutes of average play
  • 395,000,000 impressions
  • 36% share rate  

3. The location-based art lenses with Jeff Koons

The freshest release from Snapchat sees the brand push into digital media’s latest darling – augmented reality (AR). Calling on famed sculptor, Jeff Koons, Snapchat has developed a filter that places three-storey-high artworks in public places around the world. In fact, Sydney has her very own Popeye sculpture hanging out by the Opera House. In classic Koons style, the pieces are reflective, a key detail that has been appropriated within the Snapchat lens to highlight an incredible feat by the development team – when users snap themselves with the pieces, their reflection is visible in the sculpture. And, in keeping with the brand’s of-the-moment and playful style, users have even worked out how to manipulate this, with certain mavericks adding graffiti to the Balloon Dog in London’s Hyde Park. This release is very new, so engagement results have not been announced yet, but you can’t deny that no matter the result, the push into this functionality is pretty ground-breaking stuff.    

Everyday’s a school day at Edge. Snapchat talked to Edge as part of the “Edge University” content series – our monthly agency learning sessions.