Welcome to the Oscars of the digital world

The Webby Awards is basically the Oscars of the digital world. It’s the most acknowledged award in our industry.

I want to highlight two of my favourite executions, which won multiple awards, as examples of exceptional content marketing.

Squarespace won four awards, which is an impressive result:

  • Web Services & Applications (Webby Winner and People’s Voice)
  • Best Visual Design – Aesthetic (Webby Winner)
  • Best Home/Welcome Page (People’s Voice).

I love this site. Every design element has been carefully considered and designed beautifully. The home page takes a simple, no-nonsense approach. I love how the background image slightly moves as your mouse moves across the page.

The sign-up process is very clever and a good lesson for any e-commerce site on how to provide simplicity and present it beautifully. With three easy steps you can be up and running in no time. Squarespace provides beautiful templates and showcases customers that have used the template themes to create their own e-commerce sites – this cleverly promotes Squarespace customers.

In terms of content, Squarespace has a fantastic blog, which is very stylistic in its design, intuitive and easy to navigate while remaining unique. The content focuses on Squarespace with three categories: company, culture and product. The content is based on new features, updates, promotions and events. One criticism is the content is very focused on Squarespace and could be more focused on its customers by providing tips and advice about e-commerce and not just related to Squarespace.

Climate Name Change won the award for Branded Entertainment Scripted in the online film and video category.

It’s a very clever campaign using video and social media to drive social change and raise the profile of climate change awareness. What the campaign does extremely well is use humour to create change. There are many people in the US whose first name is associated with hurricanes, such as Sandy, Katrina and Ivan. The campaign proposes a new naming system, one that names extreme storms after policymakers who deny climate change. Check out the video:

The video is very clever and its success is attributed to its unique idea, which is very different from what we expect from climate change campaigns. It is extremely well scripted and feels genuine.

The results are very impressive, too:

  • 103,000 signatures to date
  • 2.8 million YouTube views
  • 375,000 unique visitors to the site
  • Global searches for climate change deniers more than doubled after launch
  • The politicians targeted have experienced a 10% drop in approval rating on average since launch
  • 184 million impressions with $0 spent on media.

The Guardian named it the number-one climate change campaign in history. Esquire touted it as “Best. Idea. Ever.” Huffington Post commented that “sometimes humour can be just as powerful as anger”.

Check out all the Webby Awards and take the time to look through each category. The examples are the best of the best and might provide you with some inspiration.