When Volkswagen was looking for a fresh approach to brochureware for its new Polo GTI, Edge responded with a format that would suitably show off all the new features of the popular car.

The brief was to create a new commercial form, with the skeleton of a TVC, that would give dealers and the public a more immersive experience. The result is video content that brings to life the ordinary brochure you’d get at a dealership – a dynamic and engaging brochure in video form.

Excited by the result, Volkswagen decided to extend the brief to include a bunch of videos edits and teasers for its social channels.

Volkswagen is an international company so the challenge is always to localise content in a way that’s engaging for Australians. For the Polo GTI videos, this meant sticking to the global ‘city, urban, night’ creative feel, shot in a distinctly Australian environment, without the clichés.

Edge produced a total of four videos: a one-minute hero piece, two 30-second cut-downs and a teaser. All were shot in a single night utilising three new Polo GTIs made available for the production. The team started at 6pm, shooting the interiors in an internal warehouse set-up, paying careful attention to lighting to perfectly capture all the car’s shiny parts. The driving action took place from 2am in and around some of Sydney’s most famous tunnels.

The team mounted a RED Dragon onto the 4WD shoot car, while the director and producer sat back seat, directing the driver of the Polo GTI via walkie-talkie. The action shot was a real challenge with an amazing outcome.

Polo GTI Behind scenes 600pix.jpg

Photo: Production team behind the scenes, working on the interior shots in the warehouse.

The teaser was uploaded to YouTube and the Volkswagen Facebook page before the Polo GTI was launched. The video brochure can be viewed on YouTube and the Volkswagen website.