Stylist magazine’s race against the clock

Considering normal production time for any given weekly print publication is about 2–3 weeks (taking into account commissioning of articles, arranging photoshoots, etc), UK publication Stylist (everyone’s favourite free weekly) amazed everyone by creating their latest issue in just 24 hours.

The Stylist crew set up shop in a glass box in central London and had their team work around the clock to produce the magazine, which was available from 20 November.

Not only did they succeed, they invited people to come along and have a look and get their readers involved by organising cocktails hours, yoga classes and beauty makeovers, to name but a few.

No doubt a lot of the 24-hour mission was pre-planned and pre-organised, but it was still no mean feat. From a design point of view, I reckon it would have been downright scary.

Nonetheless, what a great way to expose your brand to the masses.