Richard Parker of Edge Judges Smart Company Web Awards 2014
This is a post by Danica Berjanovic

Richard Parker, Managing Partner at Australia’s leading content marketing agency Edge, judged smart company’s Web Awards 2014. Here’s a peak into what he had to say about the winner.

RANGEme, a website that helps SMEs get picked up by stockists, only launched earlier this year, but its simple and effective design was enough to catch the eye of judge Richard Parker.

“I think it is very focused on doing a job,” says Parker, pointing to RANGEme’s simple site map.

The website enables suppliers to pitch to leading Australian retailers and buyers to review multiple products. Parker says the landing page clearly drives users to where they want to go by immediately asking if they are a buyer or a supplier.

“It takes you on a story straight away. No unnecessary bells and whistles, it takes you through very quickly.”

The custom-built site, which currently has around 1030 unique users a month, also impressed Parker with its minimalist ‘flat’ user interface design, which he calls “very now”.

“Google released a flat user interface manifesto a few months ago and Apple has redesigned all its interfaces around flat graphics,” he says of the trend.

Runner-up: SkinnyKitchen

Content is King says Edge’s Managing Partner and judge of this year’s smart company web awards 2014.

Healthy food retailer and recipe website SkinnyKitchen took out this year’s runner-up award because of its great content, according to Parker.

“What SkinnyKitchen has done really well is content integration,” he says. “I like the way they integrated a blog. A lot of their recipes are sourced from foodie bloggers.”

Parker thinks the site, which has around 10,400 unique browsers a month, uses a playful tone of voice, good social integration and great imagery.

Every business needs a website but not all business websites are created equal. Our panel of expert judges has scoured the best SME websites in Australia for the SmartCompany Web Awards 2014.

This year’s crop of winners boast sophisticated websites which are beautiful to look at and easy to use.

We’ve also identified those SMEs which are savvy users of social media, blogs and search engine optimisation to promote their businesses.

These businesses are innovative in their online presence – making them stand out from the hundreds of entries in the sixth annual SmartCompany Web Awards.

They span a range of industries from costume hire to interior design, from sports retailers to food delivery companies.

Whatever the sector, these winners show creativity, passion and innovation are alive and well in Australian SMEs.

We’ve compiled profiles on all the winners and runners-up, putting together information on how they built their strategies as well as comments from the judges.

There’s plenty to learn from these web leaders: