Edge has won a competitive pitch for the Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association (HVWTA) account to manage its digital content and social strategy and revitalise the Hunter Valley magazine and visitor guide.

HVWTA Marketing Committee Chair Philip Hele OAM said:

“The Hunter Valley is a unique and magical area where memories are created and stories are shared. Edge has the right blend of spirit and experience to bring storytelling to life for our passionate and diverse audiences. With the website, social channels and magazine already enjoying considerable reach, Edge will also develop sponsorship and advertising opportunities to allow like-minded brands to leverage the Hunter Valley brand and experience. This will improve revenues while growing audience numbers and overall engagement.”

Edge Managing Partner Fergus Stoddart said:

“Who doesn’t love wine and travel? It’s the perfect territory for content marketing and publishing. Unearthing the next great experience is more than a pastime for the foodie and wine connoisseur. There’s a huge, untapped opportunity for an area like the Hunter Valley that social opens up. We want to explode this by serving up the right inspiration at the right time – critical for dreaming, and then the right information for planning and executing the perfect trip.”

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