Lessons from the AAMI Driver Duels Brand Newsroom

As likes and followers become less important, what’s a brand to do?

From Boxing Day till the end of February, Edge and AAMI ran a colab brand newsroom with creatives, designers, programmers and planners all enlisted.

The mission: Make Australians more aware of their driving habits and help them improve (with a bit of fun along the way). The plan: Build hype around the Safe Driver microsite via social channels and promote downloads of the Safe Driver app. The spice: Build out the online personas of AAMI’s TVC characters, Neil and Gaz, and hijack real time culture events to drive reach.
With 109,415 downloads and a truckload of engagement we felt compelled to share with you our learnings!


Remember the kids who got the A’s in maths? The kids who actually enjoyed all the numbers? These guys grew up to be digital strategists and have replaced Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry with CTRs, Engagement and Audience Analysis. They’ll tell you what’s working, why it’s working and how it can work better (including spend recommendations). You should find one.

Where the magic happens
Where the magic happens.


Now, there was a chance that content around insurance could slip into the ‘less than exciting category’.. unless you’re tuned in like AAMI! They recognised the importance of having characters with a flexible brand tone of voice and gave Edge permission to bring their TVC stars, Neil and Gaz, to life. Social profiles and videos were developed and the Brand Newsroom rolled out non-stop real time banter. The result was high levels of engagement and the opportunity for AAMI to show a more colourful side of their brand.

Superannuation and healthcare companies take note.

The boys do Mardi Gras
The boys do Mardi Gras.


When Justin Bieber unleashed his rig for CK Jeans staff in the Edge office swooned and/or spewed. Regardless of the fact if you’re a ‘Beliebler’ or not, he had essentially ‘broken the internet’. It was the perfect conversation to jump on with AAMI’s Gaz character. A quick turnaround from Edge’s creative department saw Gaz alongside Biebs, piggy-backing the #MyCalvins campaign all the way to Engagment-ville.

Gaz. #MyCalvins
Gaz. #MyCalvins


“Having money isn’t everything, not having it is.”  Kanye West.

You wouldn’t produce a TVC and not purchase airtime would you? Now days it’s the same case with social. To ensure success you should always prop up your content with some paid. It was only a matter of time.

Kanye West. Always knows the importance of money.
Kanye West. Always knows the importance of money.