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Fergus Stoddart
This is a post by Fergus Stoddart

Getting mobile right is one of the most vital elements of a successful content play. Here are a few tips I shared at the recent 'Mobilise Your Marketing' Forum to help make sure you're ticking all the right boxes.

1. It's about providing the easy win
If the experience is not as simple as swiping right, the user quickly shifts their attention to finding an alternative site / brand / experience that does. Give the audience an easy win. Prioritising information is critical. Always remember 'Less is More'. Simplify the user experience at all times, reduce clutter and blockages. Optimise all UX for mobile. And don't give them an excuse to jump off. 

2. Creativity sets you apart
Mobile consumers sift through content quickly. The key objective for all mobile content is stop the thumb. Use more visual content, less words. Use emotion and humour in spades. Look to provide moments of amusement as a quick break from their day. There's so much content out there that it's important to ensure yours is better. Content must entertain, inform and relate for us to be engaged. 

3. Think context
Time, location and the environment create the context for the content experience. The most relevant solution to the here and now is the most attractive for mobile content consumers. Take advantage of the geo-tagging capability of social platforms (Instagram, particularly) to drive relevance and more organic reach. 

4. Micro moments of value
Use social platform targeting to touch different audiences with different relevant content. Personalised content provides more specific value to varying consumer interests. The key is to deliver different value but make sure each moment is part of a bigger story. Think about creating micro moments of connection through a content journey. Thread a story or a consistent message across multiple pieces of content. Build multiple variants of content for storytelling. Each moment should be bound together by a central brand story. Think through the journey and the sequencing of the elements in that journey. Nudge your audience along the story curve. Give consumers bite-sized content (pieces of the story) that when pieced together give a far richer experience.  

5. Bait your audience
Mobile audiences are often unaware that your content is sponsored. Use entertainment, not advertising, to lure them into your digital ecosystem. Think snackable. It's about 2–3 seconds of impact. What can you do in that time? The first seconds of an autoplay social video on mobile are critical. If the audience gets it early, they are hooked in. 

Why is this important? Because it's all about engagement. The more engaged the user the more you can influence customers' behaviour.