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Fergus Stoddart
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In an age where we have seen the expansion and growth of content creation at such a rapid rate, too often, websites and social channels are launched and subsequently forgotten in the rush to create more content than we can actually keep track of.

Through the evolution of hardware, software and consumer-driven technology, brands and content creators continually see a need to change IT infrastructure and marketing strategies to keep in line with consumer trends in changing devices, social platforms and ways of communicating with each other and brands.

The idea of content auditing is to enable a brand to streamline its approach to any brand management and future marketing efforts, and this will impact all aspects of that brand – its social and web channels, its staff and structure, content creation, technology and consolidation.

Over the past two years, Edge has been auditing clients’ content using a bespoke process and proprietary tech and, invariably, it has had a fundamental impact on future content planning for the brand.  

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