An infographic is worth 1000 words

The infographic – a portmanteau of “information” and “graphic” – is nothing new. Newspapers use them to describe the weather; they’re common in scientific literature; even traffic signs are a basic form of infographic!

On the internet, where posts with a simple image and text are the norm, infographics can have tremendous cut-through. Not only are they colourful and striking, they allow you to present business information, statistics and figures in a compact, visually enticing manner. Plus, infographics still require that additional element of design know-how that puts them out of reach of the mainstream blogging community.

Edge recently designed some infographics for Australia Post Business Lounge, a site with information, inspiration and business tools for small and medium businesses. The infographics quickly became some of the most-viewed posts to date.

A simple flow diagram explains how to find your best packaging options, while we used colour, interesting fonts and instantly recognizable icons and symbols to look at how small and medium businesses are using social media.

Australia Post has also pinned the infographics on their Help & Solutions Pinterest board  – another powerful avenue to leverage visual presentations of content.