How Sneaking Duck utilises content marketing

“To me, the phrase ‘content marketing’ just means building good, deep customer relationships,” says Mark Capps, CEO and co-founder of innovative Australian eyewear company Sneaking Duck.

Speaking with Edge about how content marketing has leveraged his company, he adds: “A while back, brand owners and storekeepers did this through merchandising, informative point of sale and, most importantly, excellent customer service representatives. The ‘rules’ for good content marketing are no different now than what was good customer engagement then. Sure, the tactics and tools have changed, but the underlying aims are the same.”

As an online retailer, Sneaking Duck sees its content marketing as part of its overall conversation with its customers.

Capps highlights the fact that many online retailers struggle to establish strong relationships with their customers. Sneaking Duck has effectively conquered this with smart and innovative content marketing, demonstrating that strategic planning is the most efficient method to repeatedly engage consumers.

In a recent blog for Power Retail, Capps discussed the importance of the ‘human touch’ to consumers during the buyer decision process, and the difficulties that online retailers face because of the limited human interaction they can have with their customers.

Sneaking Duck’s solution to this has received a lot of attention within the industry: The virtual try-on tool on the company’s website allows customers to sample which frames suit their face from the comfort of their computer chair. Take a look for yourself.

All of the content produced by Sneaking Duck is based on what Capps believes are the five key principles of effective content marketing. Content must:

  1. Be engaging – consumers must want to actively interact with Sneaking Duck’s website.
  2. Be educational – consumers must be provided with all the necessary information regarding the products and services offered by the company.
  3. Be informative – consumers need to be made aware of new collections, changed features and improvements in the products offered.
  4. Be entertaining – life is too short to be dull, so Sneaking Duck strives to produce fun and interesting content.
  5. Provide value – loyal customers deserve to be rewarded.

Edge is compiling a white paper detailing how retail marketers in Australia can develop their content marketing strategy to increase customer engagement. Sneaking Duck is just one of the many brand examples featured in the report.

Watch this space.