How to link your brand to effective and engaging content

Whether you are planning social content or deeper forms of engagement such as editorial, video or a campaign, brands need to ensure that they remain connected to the topics and themes they are publishing.

Let’s look at an example. Travel Brand X publishes a story about a blockbuster new Hollywood movie coming out in a few days. How exactly does this link to a travel brand you ask? You are not alone. If however, Travel Brand X published a story about five different exotic locations in said movie, then we have a logical connection. And it’s not only more relevant; it’s actually far more interesting for the reader.

So when you’re looking at content, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to quickly get a feel for its suitability:

  • What role does this product/service play in the lives of its audience?
  • What content is naturally social or interesting in the world of this product?
  • How can you effectively link your product or service to responsive social events and themes?

This is just a starting point.

Practically any brand or service can create engaging, social content. It’s not rocket science. It just involves taking a logical approach to content themes and ideas. Ask yourself the question ‘does this really connect?’ If it is, then you are on the right track.

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