How to create great content marketing

Recently, the Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club was cited in a post by the Content Marketing Association (CMA) as one of six great examples of content marketing. But what exactly makes great content marketing? Here are my top tips:

Know your audience

Do you know who’s using your site and who your potential customer is? Is your content relevant? Do your research and learn to speak their language. Ideally, employ a content editor who fits into your audience – someone who lives and breathes your brand. That way they can create tailored content that is a natural fit for your audience. For example, I’m a mum of a baby and a toddler who shops at Woolies on a regular basis and have been a member of the Club for more than a year. I am the audience, I understand our members and am in tune with their needs. Stay relevant and your members will remain loyal.

Don’t fake it

You’ve got to be genuine. Users want an honest read and if they smell sales talk stuffed with keywords, they’ll be ricocheting off your site and won’t come back for more. Serve them up with genuinely useful content that they can learn something from. This way, you’ll gain authority and ultimately build a loyal audience who will comment, share and ‘buy’ into your site. Not just that, with Google’s recent Algorithm updates, you’ll naturally score better in SEO. Nothing works better than authenticity.

Super-serve your member

Once you’ve got your member, don’t expect all of them to remember to visit your site on a daily or even weekly basis (see below). Sign them into an EDM program, which serves up content specifically targeted to them. They will be reminded to engage on a regular basis. You can also get a better understanding of what content they are  engaging in. The aim is to convert your subscribers into loyal readers who regularly visit and interact with your site of their own accord.

Update regularly

Give your users reason to visit your site on a daily basis and you’ll build up not just a loyal following who will share your content on a frequent basis, but great engagement stats. The beauty of online is its frequency. Use this to your advantage to serve topical and timely content that’s naturally viral. You will also stand to convert first-time visitors into subscribers or members if you’ve engaged them with relevant content.

Be subtle with your conversions

So your end goal might be to convert your user to purchase and make ROI on your content marketing, but be subtle with your messaging and always have your consumer front of mind. Users won’t buy into your brand unless they feel confident you’re giving them something back. Nothing in life is free, particularly brand loyalty. You want to give your user the same comfort that they get from media, which is a non-partial good read or watch. Simple, yet effective.