How brands are winning in social media

For the cost of a Tweet, Instagram or Facebook post tagged #MJDaisyChain, customers were presented with Marc Jacobs-branded gifts, from a small bottle of Daisy perfume, to Marc Jacobs handbags (wow!). Shoppers could get their hands on Marc Jacobs goodies by showing their social media shout-out to the ‘cashier’.

“The concept stems from a conversation the brand had with Facebook, which identified them [Marc Jacobs] as one of the top fragrances engaged with their followers on the site. Marc Jacob’s Daisy fragrance isn’t the most followed on Facebook, but its fans are among the most loyal – from posting about the brand to even drawing pictures that represent its message and style.” (Mashable).

Marc Jacobs may be giving away his products but he won’t be walking away from this campaign empty handed. Other then the obvious gain of free publicity from social postings such as Aussie actress, Phoebe Tonkin’s Tweet below, Marc Jacobs has turned many shoppers into fans, which is sure to pay back ten-fold in terms of loyalty:

The latest marketing campaign that’s got us all talking, came this week in the form of a rather moving – or so we thought – short film from Tatia Pilieva. If you haven’t seen it, the film, named First Kiss, saw 20 strangers kissing for the first time:

Very touching until we found out it was actually an advert for womenswear company, Wren. Nicely played, Wren. Or was it?

Will there be a negative backlash towards the brand now we know their film is a marketing stunt? Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Before yesterday had you even heard of Wren? Maybe they’ve achieved their goal of brand exposure and we’ll see more of this type of marketing from other brands.