This is a post by Jessica Silver

According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle content marketing has peaked from stardom and has slumped into a pit of irrelevance known as the Trough of Disillusionment. To discuss this marketing dogma our Executive Planning Director, Richard Parker, and Executive Creative Director, Matt Batten, took to the stage alongside a panel of marketing experts at this year’s Mumbrella360 Conference.

From being the magical tool that everyone wanted a piece of, to a discarded remnant, Batten suggests, “the trough of disillusionment is a result of everyone jumping on that bandwagon without doing it properly, realising hang on this isn't quite working”.

Yet, the question persists: has content marketing reached the end of its life cycle? People are infatuated by storytelling and have a thirst for engagement, as confirmed by Batten “the good thing is you’re going to go through that next phase of enlightenment”.Content marketing is an age old strategy that has matured to become an immortal art form.  Spellbound by passion and determinism, marketers are rebelling against this relapse of uncertainty to remain relevant. Stay tuned, only the fervent and fearless will climb themselves to the peak of success.   

To watch to the full conference, click here.