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Fergus Stoddart
This is a post by Fergus Stoddart

Fergus will be speaking to an audience of 400+ professionals at the forefront of the marketing, advertising and digital sectors.

This is the third annual Techmix conference. It’s part of CeBIT, the largest business technology exhibition in the country. Techmix has joined forces with ADMA and AIMIA to grow the event.  

In a presentation titled ‘Creating a truly content centric organisation’, Fergus will share his insight into the transformation organisations need to go through to deliver a valuable, content-rich customer experience – 1-1, at scale and continually optimising to drive results.

The presentation will delve into five key areas fundamental to reaching content marketing utopia:

  1. The Storytelling Brand Platform
  2. Customer segmentation and journey mapping
  3. Tech and data enablement
  4. A content production and distribution engine room
  5. A content-driven organisational culture and structure


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