An exciting new tool for video on the run

The Edge team attended Australia’s biggest content marketing event of the year, Content Marketing World 2014, and used the opportunity to try out the latest trend in video creation, Verbate.

Verbate enables you to capture quick, insightful video responses to your questions and instantly share them online. Videos are filmed in person using your smartphone, as we did; alternatively, Verbate lets you send questions to customers online and they can respond remotely using their smartphones, tablets or desktop cameras.

Verbate extracts the audio from these videos, enabling you to rapidly digest the content and extract unique insights.

Why include video in your content strategy? Matt Barnett, Verbate’s ‘head honcho’ explains:

“Albert Mehrabian proposed the 93 per cent rule of communication – only 7 per cent of communication is verbal – and while the exact numbers have been challenged, the baseline holds true. People are complex communicators and visualisation is key. Yet so many conversations held by brands are in the form of written text or maybe a phone call and there’s very little visual interaction.

“Video has become the most engaged content source online for this very fact. It’s the perfect visual tool to gather deep insights from your customers, network and team. For instance, video not only captures emotive reactions in response to questions, it also, very importantly, captures what people don’t say – the pauses, the difficulties answering et cetera. Video shows you how someone presents themselves, their personality, and you can even have people show you around their homes.

“Events are a great opportunity to collect industry expertise, but the much greater opportunity is for collecting research from thousands of users, testing products and gathering information from global teams.”

Here at Edge, from the video interviews, we created two short video summaries featuring the top 10 insights from the event, blog posts and trend pieces for Whitepapers and SlideShare.

We’re looking forward to implementing the technology as part of our content strategy and integrating it into our client projects, as video is a powerful tool for collecting information and creating engaging content.

Edge has recently invested in and developed its in-house Department of Moving Image (DOMI). We are seeing increased demand for video content and have produced some successful videos for clients such as AAMI and OzHarvest.