2018 marketing predictions
This is a post by Matilda Duffecy

This year featured some twists and turns that no one could have predicted, so what will 2018 hold? We’ve called on our team to share what’s to come.

The mighty will fall
Kale will take a backseat and broccoli can claim its rightful title as king of the greens…finally.
Jillian Lewis, Managing Editor

We’ll all see the light
All seasoned marketers, media types and digital practitioners take 12 months off in Buddhist retreats all round the world. They come back 12 months later and realise that smart customer-driven communications has not changed – the prior two years of panic made no difference.
Fergus Stoddart, Partner

It will be all about voice
2018 will be the year, voice finally takes over manual typing or a device asking us for input. Our voices will be able to control devices and the advances in voice recognition will also be able to work out what mood we are in. So, there might be a day when our phone or device will tell us to “cheer up, it’s going to be 27-degree today and sunny” because it recognises we sound a bit tired or pissed off via our intonations.
Chris Waite, National Sales Director

Voice-activated apps will absolutely surge, too. The huge push into this space in the past few years means we’ve ironed out a lot of the creases with this technology. The functionality is at its prime and so many apps are using it to best effect – Google Home, Siri, Alexa, for starters. I can’t wait to see how this one plays out.
Meghan Winger, Senior Account Director

There’ll be a rumble in the jungle
Amazon’s arrival in Australia will totally change the way we shop – quelle surprise! This giant is definitely going to shake up the retail sector and the way brands market products. The year ahead will be very dynamic. Also, I have a feeling that bees will start killing humans soon. #blackmirror
Emilie Gaïda, Senior Account Manager

We’ll begin to unplug
2018 will be the beginning of a detachment from mobile – the great unplugging. Research by The Associated Press shows 60% of 13-17 year olds have taken a break from social media, of which 38% were voluntary out of the desire to step back from the stress, busyness and distraction of constant connection. A study by the University of Maryland discovered students were happier in life when they unplugged from technology. A slew of organisation from the American Medical Association to NASA have supported the fact that short-wavelength blue light from mobile devices adversely affects sleep, circadian rhythms, and even weight gain, depression and heart disease. As people discover the detox benefits of de-mobilising themselves, we'll find more doing it in 2018 and onwards.
Matt Batten, Executive Creative Director

Or will we?
The implanted technology movement will gain traction and people will move closer to having phones inserted into their brains.
Matilda Duffecy, Editor

We’ll all come to love the funnel
2018 is the year when we no longer have to explain what customer journeys and funnels are...even to the creative team! 
David Stretch, Managing Director

The buck will be shaken up
Cryptocurrency will explode – specifically Bitcoin. Crypto values are sky rocketing and it is still nowhere near critical mass, so 2018 will be the year the world awakens to what they're calling the biggest shake up in financial markets and banking of all time.
Kristofer Taylor, Group Account Director

True colours will be revealed
2018 is the year where the content marketing pretenders are shaken out as they fail to cross over to genuine data-driven digital marketing that delivers personalised content at scale. 
Richard Parker, Executive Planning Director

Brands will simplify their offering
2017 has been a glorious year for the consumer who was met with an abundance of choice for just about every product or service you can think of. Want to listen to some music? Take you pick from Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud or that listening platform that Jay Z is trying to force everyone to use. Need to call your parents because you haven't visited them in over a month (sorry guys)? An iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel or even the re-released Nokia 3310 should do the trick. Invited a Tinder date over to Netflix n Chill? Why not Stan n Chill, Foxtel Go n Chill or Amazon Prime n Chill?

The level of competition across all markets is great for consumers in that companies really need to be committed to ensuring their offering is great value and continually improved. However, could 2018 be the year where consumers opt for simplicity instead?

An overabundance of choice has been proven to induce significant stress and frustration for consumers. An interesting case study is the success of Aldi in Australia, which is often attributed to lower prices. But could this success actually be attributed to less choice? Recent moves by Coles and Woolworths who have been cutting brands and ranges in the face of the success of Aldi (which only stocks a few thousand lines) suggests so. It also highlights that this effect is very real in Australia, further supported by some new research from Choosi (a comparison website) that found 60% of Australians suffer from 'analysis paralysis' when faced with too much choice.

What this means for brands? Seek ways to simplify the brand's offering. Use the offering to simplify people's lives.

Oh, and Meghan will be the top girl’s name of 2018.
Drew Reid, Senior Account Manager

Whatever’s on the cards for 2018, we’re very excited! Catch you in January.