JIyan Dessens
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Our ECD is only half creative, because he’s also half scientist. But since both halves enjoy the occasional swear word, Matt got thinking about the use of profanity in advertising. His research into the history and psychology of swearing revealed some startling facts, namely how important it is in human communication – but also the positive impression it counter-intuitively creates. “If swearing is a marker of intelligence, perceived as trustworthy, and is vital to human communication, then why don’t brands do it?” he asked aloud (although with many more expletives that have been deleted here – Ed.).

Trawling the documents of Ad Standards’ complaints archive, he discovered examples of brands that successfully swore in their ads (and a few who failed), which led him to determine the unwritten rules on the use of taboo language in brand communications.

Now, Mumbrella360 is willing to let him unleash his findings on stage before an audience. Uh-oh. He’ll be presenting alongside Jacki Montgomery, lecturer in Communications at Western Sydney University. With a BA in Linguistics and a Master of Commerce in Marketing, Jacki was inspired by a student’s colourful multi-lingual outbursts in class and is now researching ‘implied swearing’ in advertising.

See more about Matt and Jacki’s seminar here.

Mumbrella360 is Australia’s biggest media and marketing conference. It has twice been named Conference of the Year at the Australian Event Awards (who knew such a thing existed?) and attracts over 2000 marketers each year to hear from the smart, the wise and the experienced. And Matt.

The event will be at the Sydney Hilton on 4-6 June 2019. Get your tickets here.