Edge leads Australia Day event for Australian Unity

Edge has worked with Australian Unity and creative agency Local Peoples on Pop-up Street Art, an event that would see local street artists—based in prime locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane—turn giant walls into ‘human collage’ works of art.

Back in August 2013, Australian Unity approached Edge with a brief: to come up with an idea that would help integrate its brand into the Australia Day activities run by the Australia Day councils of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The objectives of the campaign were to promote Australian Unity as a community-focused organisation; to acknowledge the micro non-profit groups supported by the organisation; and to generate entries for the Aussie Vault ‘Thank you Australia’ campaign.

Using the American ‘inside-out project’ as an example, onsite photo booths and roving photographers in each of the three cities captured faces from the crowds that had gathered to watch the live art installations. The photos were printed and added to the artworks, alongside a selection previously submitted to Aussie Vault. While each of the art works took a different creative approach, they all shared the themes of community and diversity, showcasing messages from individuals on what made them thankful to be Australian.

In the lead-up to the event, Edge assisted with the delivery of a promotional strategy, social media campaign and regular content for multiple channels to help raise awareness of Pop-up Street Art. On the day itself, visitors to the three locations could follow, capture and share the street art in progress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via #popupstreetart. Watch the video here:

Stay tuned for all the results of the day…