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Fergus Stoddart
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Following work re-positioning their brand, developing a content strategy and new creative platform, we recently pushed OneSteel’s website live (www.onesteel.com). The hub is a new thought leadership platform for the steel industry.

As part of the process we consolidated several websites, refreshed existing copy and created a new series of in-depth educational content to support their new ‘Building Possibilities’ brand platform.  

The work reinvigorates the brand, leaving behind OneSteel’s image as a traditional primary industry steel producer and aligns with their strategy to partner with the Australian construction industry as a key innovator and a sustainable value creator for the future.  

The updated website highlights OneSteel’s expertise through case studies and provides a broader steel and construction industry perspective through trends, news and opinion pieces. This approach provides information and creates interest for a wide set of industry stakeholders and supports OneSteel’s agenda to lead the future of the industry.  

The website will be continuously updated with relevant original and curated content to make OneSteel a thought leader and service provider rather than just a supplier.