Fergus Stoddart
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Aussie motor oil brand Nulon is well known for innovative and disruptive product development. And we’ve worked with them to launch their latest game-changer, Ezy-SqueezeTM packaging. Gone are the days when DIY motorheads have to shimmy under their cars with a hard plastic container of oil and somehow pour or pump it – against gravity – into their diff, gearbox or transmission. Now, it’s as easy as squeezing a soft plastic pouch of oil or fluid that flows through a patent-pending applicator hose and nozzle.

The campaign reminds DIY motorheads of the many frustrations encountered when tinkering with their motor: the tight spaces, the skinned knuckles, the hard-to-reach places; before showing that Nulon has solved the problem most relevant to the use of their product range.

John Simons, General Manager – Product and Marketing at Nulon, says the campaign hits the nail on the head: “Nulon is committed to making DIY easier for Aussie motor enthusiasts. That’s why we’re always looking at the most difficult jobs and asking ‘how can we make this less painful?’. Edge has really captured the essence of this in the spot.”

The 45- and 15-second ads launch Nulon Ezy-Squeeze online and will later appear on catch-up TV. Produced in partnership with Taxi, the commercials were directed by Davros and produced by Chris Klockner.

Matt Batten, our Executive Creative Director, believes this campaign really captures the sentiments of Nulon’s customer base. “This commercial is hyper relevant to Nulon’s primary audience of motorheads,” he says. “Anyone who’s worked a wrench around their own car will have lived at least two of these scenes, possibly all of them. Cars are bastards not designed for DIY. Nulon’s Ezy-Squeeze solves at least one of these bugbears.”

Watch the 45-second TVC here.