After a slew of recent client wins, Edge is at it once again with an exciting new campaign for Aussie favourites, Donut King. The two commercials, developed by a creative team led by Edge ECD Matt Batten, showcase the brand’s new ‘Xtra Collection’, a limited edition product series developed in partnership with Nestlè.

Starring a life-sized Kit Kat, Smarties and a six-foot tall glazed donut, the commercials were directed by Cameron D’Arcy and produced in partnership with Bright Works. Both are set to appear in the cinema, on catch-up TV and across Facebook.

The 30-second commercial makes light of a humdrum office party where a plain donut encounters the love of his life, a Kit Kat.  In a humorous and cheeky flashforward of nine months, you get the product of their love affair, a Kit Kat-covered donut.

Donut King: Xtreme Collection – Party from Edge on Vimeo.

In the shorter 15-second commercial, the gargantuan donut squeezes his way into a packed elevator into close contact with a peevish box of Smarties, only to later discover his icing is now caked with his co-worker’s chocolate.

Donut King: Xtreme Collection – Elevator from Edge on Vimeo.

Being a unique creative agency, the ideology behind this campaign was to make light of the lo-fi product innovation as a ‘happy mistake’.

“It’s refreshing to be able to cut through the marketing speak and just have fun with a product and brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” says Edge ECD Matt Batten. “If a smashed up Kit Kat on a glazed donut isn’t a happy mistake, I don’t know what is.

This PR release was originally published on Mumbrella