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On 20 June Edge launched the first-ever fan powered video to celebrate the Volkswagen Golf GTI turning 40. A snapshot of the car’s life, the film shines a mirror onto the owners and fans who have supported seven generations of the GTI all over Australia.

To mark this milestone, the brand chose to produce a film focused on celebration and endurance.

Importantly, Edge’s creative approach incorporated Golf’s fans and owners by working with user-generated footage. Sections of the final edit include; old footage, commercials and vintage stills sourced directly from Volkswagen’s Australian Facebook community.

The birthday film is fast pace and exciting, by showing the Golf GTI’s graceful passage from an awkward German teenager to the ultimate urban accessory.  

Edge Managing Editor of Volkswagen Magazine Paul Rodger said: “Driving the film was the intention to thank and acknowledge fans for their support. For the brand it was about delivering a film that focused on the special connection between the Golf GTi owner and their vehicle.”

Off the back of the film, Volkswagen community members could also register their interest  in the Golf GTI 40 YE. (years edition) which will available nationally. The film itself is being used in a variety of way on the VW website, in the digital edition of the magazine and on social media channels.

To view the video visit the Volkswagen website here.