Fergus Stoddart
This is a post by Fergus Stoddart

Wednesday 3 April marked the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between Edge and Vero Insurance with the release of the Vero SME Insurance Index 2019, which was launched via live webinar to brokers all around Australia.

For the last eight years Vero has published the highly anticipated annual report, giving their broker partners incredibly valuable insights into the insurance purchasing landscape. Despite a long-standing relationship with the Suncorp Group, this is the first time Edge was responsible for promoting and managing the launch, creating campaign collateral and other assets vital to success. We were given the challenge to relaunch the report in an engaging way, and asked to significantly increase registrations and attendance from 2018.

The registration campaign, which ran for one month, included a series of paid and organic activity on Vero’s social media channels, complemented by eDMs and sponsored content and advertising across industry trade media and Google. Edge was also responsible for producing the report itself, the research for which was conducted by BrandMatters.

The live webinar included an engaging combination of live presentation, interactive polls and informative video, went for a total of one hour and was enthusiastically received by both trade press and Vero’s broker community. Excitingly, the results were overwhelmingly positive, with the number of brokers who registered almost doubling in size, while the number of viewers at the webinar more than doubled.

“We’re pleased that using a more content and data driven approach has led to such great results,” says Edge’s Commercial Director, Fergus Stoddart. “A huge thank you to everyone who put in the late hours to make it such a hit.”

The webinar is available to be viewed on your smartphone via the CPD Anytime app on both the App Store and Google Play, while the report is downloadable from Vero’s website.