IKEA da vinci campaign
Matt Batten
This is a post by Matt Batten

It’s too easy to head into Christmas and just select the latest and greatest festive advertising for our list of ‘Best Creative We’ve Seen This Month’. So we’ll skip the tinsel and stick with a mixed bag of coolness for November’s hot list:

1. OK Go!’s “Obsession” music video for Double A

After treadmills, Rube Goldberg machines and zero-G, the alternative indie pop rock band that became famous for their video clips rather than their music has released their latest eye-goggling display of synchronicity, this time in partnership with stationery brand Double A. Is it an odd fit for a brand of photocopy paper to engage a music video? Not really. It’s a piece of magical content. And it makes you remember the brand without realising it.


2. My Protection’s “The Big Jump

We’re no strangers to marketing insurance brands. So we think this online film from Italian insurer Groupama captures some genuine human truths nicely in order to land the product message of tailored life insurance. Firstly, everyone has a different approach to life. Secondly, and more importantly, we are more reluctant to take risks as we get older. Why? Because risks hurt. Fear is self preservation in action.


3. IKEA’s “Da Vinci

While this ad appeared in print, it could have just as easily (and more cost effectively) been posted as social content. Produced as a rapid response to the Christie’s sale of a painting for $450m that may or may not be by Leonardo Da Vinci (there are still doubts over the provenance), the ad uses IKEA’s sense of humour and well-known affordability in a topical ad for retail.

4. New Zealand Police’s “Freeze!

We’ve always enjoyed the irreverent humour of our Kiwi neighbours and have loved quite a few campaigns from across the ditch, but this latest recruitment ad for the NZ Police Force is a whole new level. While Aussie political correctness saw the NSW Police Force swap out that last word for Service in an effort to sound friendlier, the New Zealanders actually show their humanity with humour and likeability while still delivering an engaging and enticing message. Who wouldn’t want to work with these guys and girls?