Carnival Ad Stacy Tracy
Matt Batten
This is a post by Matt Batten

Let’s kick off the new year with a quick look at some advertising awesomeness from around the world for our list of ‘Best Creative We’ve Seen This Month’. Here’s January’s hot list:

1. Groupama’s "The Safest Route"

We’re no stranger to working with insurance brands at Edge – we have quite a few in our stable – but this piece of work is a shining example of how a brand can promote itself while also improving its product while simultaneously playing the long game of reducing their overheads. Groupama puts their money where their French mouths are by developing a nav-system that lets you choose the safest route rather than the fastest route. Fewer accidents = fewer claims. Le win-win.


2. IKEA’s "Pee Ad"

I’m sure we’ve all seen a press ad or two that we’d like to urinate on. I’ve seen 3,458. And counting. But IKEA, in their ancestral home of Sweden, are actually asking customers to urinate on one of theirs. This clever piece of print technology includes a pregnancy test strip. A positive result reveals a discount on IKEA cribs. Obviously, only those who are in the market for a crib (and therefore probably know they have a kanelbullar in the oven) would want this offer, so IKEA isn’t expecting 38-year old Sven from Hudiksvall to splash out on this ad or a crib.

3. HSE’s "I Will Survive"

What does Ireland’s Health and Safety Executive have in common with a Top 10 gay anthem? Nothing, and everything. The HSE has created this outstanding anti-smoking PSA featuring a montage lip-synch to Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit ‘I Will Survive’ and the result is a poignant and powerful repurposing of the lyrics that support the fact that Ireland now has more quitters than smokers. The ad is performing so well, it’s slated to be used in New York.


4. Carnival’s "Choose Fun"

To combat the perception that cruise ship holidays are all shuffleboard, safari shirts and salmonella buffets, Carnival’s latest campaign focuses on the unexpected adventure and fun that can be had on board (and ashore). While the hero TVC in the campaign feels like the client put their fingerprints all over it (“Make sure you include this, and don’t forget that”), the waterslide execution is a personal fave. A simple idea brought to life with a good script, great acting and superb filmic composition.