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Fergus Stoddart
This is a post by Fergus Stoddart

I spoke at Content Marketing World Sydney with Woolworths today and was sharing the journey of The Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club. It’s one year old today, so it seemed a good time to share a few of the principles that underline its success. Here’s the talk, condensed down to five keys to success for content marketing:

1) Understand the customer – before creating any content, make sure that you do a ‘deep dive’ into your customers’ needs and wants. Look at their emotional, financial and practical needs and think about how content can help satisfy them.

2) Look for the white space – map out all the current content options that your target audience has and find that space. There’s too much ‘same old’ content out there. Create something new.

3) Use multiple touch points – work hard to integrate your content marketing into every marketing channel. It’s no good expecting people to come and find you and your great content.

4) Super serve the customer – how can you create an experience that provides real value? Look to add as much value as possible onto your content marketing proposition.

5) Take the customer journey – understand that customers are on a continuous journey. Their needs and wants are constantly evolving and, as content marketers, we need to tailor and personalise our content to cater for that journey.

We’ll be talking again at Adtech Sydney next week, Wednesday 13th March, and there’s a strong content focus, so come and join us.