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AOL’s 'digital prophet', David Shing, jetsets around the globe, waxing lyrical about what’s next in the digital world and how brands can get in on the action. Basically he’s 'internet Jesus' – he talks, people listen. And he also sports the kind of mullet that only a true prophet could pull off. Read more.


When executed right, humour can be a very powerful thing in content marketing. Laughs are largely subjective, but if you research trends in your target consumers you’ll develop something thats guaranteed to engage. Keeping in line with your brand identity an authentic piece of humour will effectively involve your audience. Just remember the most important part: to know your audience and avoid controversy. Read more.


There used to be a time when viral success was a fluke with no way of determining what caused it. Today, however Mashable’s Knowledge Graph tool uses tracking technology and simple algorithms to predict the impact and reach of a story online.  Additionally, though simple algorithms it is able to accurately predict when a piece of content is going to break the internet. A simple yet extremely useful tool – Mashable has now licensed the Knowledge Graph and made the product available for brands. Read more.


It should come as no surprise that marketing and technology are intensely linked. The two vastly different skillsets have now combined and evolved, sprouting a fresh occupation: the Chief Marketing Technologist.  A recent study conducted by SapientNitro reveals some interesting new insights into the constructs of a CMT, including a discovery of six distinct archetypes where all CMT’s fall into one or more of the two main categories – technology and marketing. Read more.


Constantly coming up with new and original ideas is a big challenge for anyone...luckily for content marketers repurposing exists. Repurposing is taking a fresh approach to old content. It involves taking your original content and dismantling and reshaping it to fit a new medium – be it turning videos into podcasts, or blog posts into ebooks. Repurposing allows you to reach new audiences while rejuvenating your content and giving it a second life. Read more.