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Fergus Stoddart
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Edge was asked to develop an opening film to kickstart the ReThink TV conference, where 1,500 advertisers and marketers were in attendance to hear about the power of TV advertising. We decided to create more of an experimental experience, using those 1,500 pairs of eyes to prove why TV is a powerful channel. Watch it here. 

Millennials make room and marketers pay more attention - Gen Z are ready to assert their influence. Being our first fully digital generation, Gen Z were born with smartphones and tablets in their hands, so their marketing expectations are in a different ballpark. With stats already showing such high buying power figures, marketers need to take this demographic seriously. Read more. 

Digital AI assistants are changing the way we search. As a guest columnist in B&T Magazine, our very own Melbourne MD Dan King discusses how Siri, Alexa, Cortana and the likes are going to change the content-marketing landscape as we know it. Read the article here. 

What makes marketing creative? As marketing processes become more complex and rigorous, new and changing roles are redefining creativity. Shift Thinking's founder and CEO, Mark Bonchek and The Sage Group's CEO, Cara France illustrate what it means to be a creative marketer today. Read more. 

With social media allowing consumer backlash to happen instantly and at scale, it is no wonder that brands have become reluctant to push the boundaries. But then, some have the courage to ensure their brand gets noticed. Read it here.