the content loop - 26 january
Fergus Stoddart
This is a post by Fergus Stoddart

Nissan is developing technology that will allow vehicles to read the brain activity of drivers. Our Executive Planning Director, Richard Parker, explores what this could mean for marketers and consumers. It involves blockchain, Clint Eastwood and a lot of thinking about sex. Read more.


Drawing inspiration from Seth Godin's Tribes: We need you to lead us, our Commercial Director Fergus Stoddart explains how tribal marketing can assist brands. By reflecting on our successes with Nulon in 2017, he discusses how loyal tribalism can turn mere followers into driven believers. Read more.


Facebook has announced that it will be make significant changes to the types of content the platform’s algorithm will favour. Abbie Dubin-Rhodin, our Senior Strategist, lays out what this latest curveball means for brand content. Read more.


Our ECD kicks off the new year with a look at some top-notch campaigns that deserve fireworks. From peeing on a print ad to taking the safest trip across town, with Gloria Gaynor’s tips for survival and a waterslide confession. Read more.


Great news: we've just won Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers is considered to be one of the biggest content marketing brands in Australia with its monthly magazine. It’s going to be a busy few months ahead. Read more.


Aside from being a buzzword, it’s thought that Artificial Intelligence will radically change the way we do things. Our Melbourne Managing Director, Dan King, explains how AI will open up a world of opportunities for marketers. Specifically, the ability to tap into their obsession with consumers. Read more.