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How does General Electric communicate with its target audience – which is pretty much everyone – while overseeing eight different business sectors? Well, by entertaining that audience, without selling the brand. Evidence? Check out the Fallonventions segment on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and science fiction podcast The Message, which rose to number one on iTunes last year. Read on as Edge’s Richard Parker explores how GE’s singular strategy works successfully in different markets. Read more.


Research has shown that 80 per cent of users don’t want to be shouted at by mobile video ads. In response to this, Facebook has announced that brands can choose to include captions in their advertisements. It’s an initiative that is expected to increase video view time by an average of 12 per cent – welcome news for advertisers. Read more.


Facebook has announced the Instant Articles feature will now be open to all brands, individuals and publishers. Previously, the feature was only released to a select group of publishers – nine to be exact. The change means that brands, individuals, and even the smallest publishers can get in on the action. Read more.


Photo and video messaging are proving increasingly popular. Witness the growth in Snapchat users in the last 12 months. Rather than viewing the app as a platform people go to to share videos that are of no value, TechCrunch contributor D.J. Sherrets says it should be framed as a messaging app for people who feel comfortable in sharing their daily lived experience with others. In this piece, Sherrets considers Snapchat’s long-term vision and proposes 21 features the app might want to consider in future. Read more.


Who knew that an eight-year-old could teach the content marketing world something valuable? In this Content Marketing Institute article, VP of Content Michelle Linn writes that having a personal point of view (POV) while working for your brand can be extremely beneficial ... “if you’re aiming for meaningful and enjoyable work.” As her young daughter reminded her, it’s not just brands that need a POV as a way of differentiating themselves from others, we as individuals need one too. Read more.