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A lot of businesses still struggle with ways to expand their email subscribers list. Fortunately, the challenge can be overcome by using smart tools such as Sticky Widgets, Smart Bars and Locked Content. As this article shows, all can make an impact in a non-evasive way and create trust from the outset. Read more


Food manufacturer General Mills' company blog plays a crucial role in the company’s marketing efforts and recently helped break the news that the breakfast cereal maker was to launch a beer. The blog, A Taste of General Mills, has since created massive media outreach with stories being picked up by The New York Times, NBC News, NPR and Fortune. Read more.


We’re all visual creatures so it should come as no surprise that informational graphics, or ‘instructographics’, are an incredibly effective way to convey how to do something. Loyal to age-old storytelling techniques, instructographics don’t tell you how to do stuff, they show you. Read more.


So many companies get it wrong when marketing to millennial women – and many have to deal with the sting of public backlash when they do. Get it right, however, and they can go a long way towards building brand loyalty and content marketing ROI. The power of affirmative hashtags such as #freethenipple and #fatkini show just how strongly women feel about presenting an authentic, nuanced and positive view of themselves and others. Brands take heed! Read more.