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MAKE Creative were commissioned to design a new workplace for Edge and CO.s new workplace for its headquarters in Sydney’s Surry Hills. The designers worked with a low budget to create a striking, raw space with industrial overtones. The space overlooks a spectacular urban view – layers of rooftops and buildings rising up towards the city. Read More


Branded Virtual Reality (VR) has long been the Holy Grail for content marketers – capable of generating strong empathetic connections but out of reach to the typical consumer. Now that The New York Times Magazine has brought VR to the masses with its Cardboard VR viewing devices, could we be on the cusp of an exciting new era of storytelling? How might brands harness the power of virtual reality to form deep and meaningful connections with their customers? Read more.


MarketingProfs CCO Ann Handley says that the secret weapon to successful marketing is ‘ridiculously good writing!’. It’s just one of the many pearls of wisdom blogsite NewsCred gleaned from an array of content marketing gurus in New York recently. Among the other questions put to industry stalwarts such as Monumental Shift founder Andrew Davis and CEO of Engagio Jon Miller were ‘How is the Content Marketing Landscape Changing?’ and ‘What are the Biggest Mistakes Brands are Making?’. Check out all the interviews here. Read more.


Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose are back with episode 103 in their PNR This Old Marketing podcast. This highly listenable series is an excellent resource if you’re interested in all things marketing. In this episode, entitled Consistent Content is Key (and Most Brands Can’t Do It), Pulizzi and Rose discuss whether Google launched its YouTube Red subscription service due to ad blockers, and what place ads have in Facebook’s user experience. Read more.


With a requirement to continually pump out content through all social channels, it can be hard to find time to check in exactly how each is performing?  UTM codes can easily provide you with all the requisite stats at the click of a button. Read more