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When Stefan Sagmeister introduced us to the notion of ‘psychotic sameness’ my two-beer haze lifted. He had my attention. Amid all the grandiose statements the phrase ‘psychotic sameness’ stood out. Read more.


An in-depth interview with CMO and SVP of Product Innovation at Genpact, Gianni Giacomelli, as he explores the changing role of content and the change in his role as CMO. Discussing a variety of topics, including the use of content for convincing people, communicating strategy internally vs externally, and the skillset of marketers in the future. Many things change in content marketing but some questions never change. Read more.


Has anyone ever asked you ‘so, who does your content’? Where do you begin? For many marketers and the organizations they work for, content is viewed as a channel as opposed to the breadth of content which sits with a vast range of teams (think PR, the social management team, the comms team, and so on). Content is not a channel. Spread the word.  Read more


In content marketing, the topics you cover should portray who you are as a brand, so it's important you choose right.  You must first clearly define your brand identify, your audience, the competition, and everything in between. The foundation for this is integral to the success of your content and your brand’s positioning. Brian Honigman from Business2Community explains more. Read more


We all want more engaging, more effective branded content, but how do we get it? Isn’t just having an idea enough? Well, no. Effective content and strong writing remain synonymous, but research shows we hold the latter in much lower regard. Here are some tips when picking your next wordsmith. Read more.