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Fergus Stoddart
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With the festive season upon us, it's hard to ignore that this year's collection of retail ads are (very) similar to the last. Managing Partner, Fergus Stoddart says it's time for agencies to step up their game and help retailers with a bit of rule breaking and innovating. Read more.

From a music video harnessing the power of 567 printers to a super-funny police recruitment ad, we've seen some interesting stuff this month. Our Executive Creative Director, Matt Batten, shares his round-up of the stand-out creative campaigns of the last month. Read more.

We're excited to announce our growing client base in Melbourne. With an already firm foothold developing content for the residential development space, Edge is looking forward to sharing its creative and strategic capabilities with Satterley and ME Bank. Read more.

With racing season in full swing, we're reminded that a year has passed since Edge worked with Snapchat to create the AAMI filter for Derby Day 2016. Our Editor, Matilda Duffecy, re-ignited the friendship by having a chat to them about three campaigns leading the way in content creation. Read more.

What are the three essential reads from the past month that have our planning team chatting? Our Senior Strategist, Abbie Dubin-Rhodin, shares them here. Read more.