Slurpee Day
This is a post by Matilda Duffecy

Yes, it was the last day of summer, but there was, perhaps, an even more momentous event that fell on Feb 28th – #BYOcupday! 7-Eleven Australia’s event blends a heady combo of joyous abandon, brain freezes and sugar highs as you can bring whatever cup you like to fill with litres and litres and litres* of Slurpee for only $1.

A brilliant idea, made even better for the opportunities it presented 7-Eleven to capitalise on Aussies’ love of frozen coke, the fun factor of finding the ultimate Slurpee slinger, and the propensity for the audience to share the hijinks on social media. Add in a social comp offering 10 x $1000 gift cards for the best pic or vid shared on Insta or Facebook and the brand saw huge amounts of engagement thanks to UGC.

The results speak for themselves: 30k posts shared on Instagram and 9.6k reactions, 1.3k shares and 6.8k comments on the Facebook post to launch the campaign. Let’s not forget influencer activity, including super-cutie surfing legend Sabre Norris (of Ellen show fame) sharing her post, to further amplify the message. Plus, 7-Eleven could leverage the assets shared by the audience (with permission) to further push the promotion during the day. It was pretty much a win-win-win.

Campaigns like these highlight the power of UGC. It’s just about finding the sweet spot (in 7-Eleven’s case, literally) of a campaign that uses core brand elements, targets the right audience and pushes them to create content they actually want to share...the chance to win cash money sweetens the deal. When a brand strikes this balance, it really has hit the jackpot, as the audience is at the heart of the campaign and the assets they create can be leveraged to great effect, meaning the total output from the brand is quite small. It just goes to show, a little fun never hurt anyone.


*may be an exaggeration.